I used to work for a government agency that helped further education/adult learning tutors understand how to use technology effectively to engage learners. While there was some advice given around "nuts and bolts" courses (MS office, using email etc), a lot of what we talked about were "transferable skills". For example, if you can get a computer illiterate person in through the doors, and then maybe get them to look up their family history,  find a favourite topic (football, soaps, crafts) and show them where the best websites for their interest was, or show them how to catch up with their daughter in Australia, etc, then not only are they engaging in the "primary" task you've found for them (the family tree, the football forum) but they are also learning how to research and surf the web, how to use email, how to upload photos, how to use Skype, and so on. We saw time and time again how people's confidence and self esteem grew when they realised what they were doing!

Recently I've been thinking a bit about my own transferable skills. At the moment I don't work, due, more or less, to the contract my husband has here in Sweden, including a recompense for my "loss of earnings" from my former UK job, and tax issues surrounding that.  As my son is in school all day, this leaves me with a lot of time on my hands, once the essentials such as shopping and cleaning are done.

A lot of that time is spent working on crafts. I knit, spin, braid and have just started making jewellery. All great skills, but they were things (jewellery aside) that I did in the UK, and apart from the odd stitch pattern, I've not really learned any transferable skills for the workplace once I'm back in the game.

But the Sims? Ah, what haven't I learned!

1) I can write. OK I kind of knew this, as my previous job in marketing involved a lot of copy-writing and editing. But what I had all but forgotten was that I could write creatively. I could pull stories from my imagination and put them to paper, I could even write poetry - something I haven't done since my A levels 18 (gulp!) years ago and only rediscovered this past week.

2) I can use Photoshop and other image editing software. While I'm still learning some of the more advanced techniques, I've gone from being a "point and click and upload" person, to someone who thinks about their shot and composition, and has learnt about layers, levels and other tools which give me greater scope in my future work, as I can mock up ideas for campaigns/promotions myself, rather than conveying my thoughts to another member of staff.

3) I've improved my eye for colour. Although as a crafter I've always had a basic understanding of colour, through remodelling houses, and recolouring clothes, I've gained a better understanding of what colours go well together and where colour can completely turn an outfit/item on its head. While I'm not sure just how useful this knowledge will be for my future career, it's a boost of self esteem knowing that I can have my own virtual fashion line!

I'm sure there are many other things I have learned, and am hoping to learn (video manipulation is high up there on the wishlist).

So what have you learned in The Sims?

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