It took a while to get here, but Spring is definitely here now in Sweden. The tulips are coming out in the garden, the apple tree is threatening to start blossoming any day, and it was even warm enough today for the menfolk in the house to wear shorts! I've been feeling very spring like in game to, mainly thanks to a great thread being run on the forums, in Creative Corner, called Spring-a-licious. The thread is a place where people can post their spring-related builds, sims, patterns, recolours etc. I really love threads like these. Not only are they a great place to show off your latest creations, but they are very welcoming and open to all types of creativity.  Do go and check it out - it's full of all kinds of goodness.

May brings the Spring, but it also brings the end of Blythelyre's month-long poetry contest on the forums. I missed the first half of the month, due to holiday, but I've tried to make up for it since my return, with a fair degree of success too. I hadn't really thought of myself as being able to write poetry, but somehow the words came and I was able to complete most of the assignments - some better than others! I am beyond grateful to Blythe for running these contests and for letting me learn something new about myself!  I've now got some plans running through my head for a Sims related Epic Poem, but I guess I should concentrate on my other projects first!

Talking of which, Chapter Three is up for Perchance to Dream. I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to any feedback.

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