I do a bit too much of everything. As well as playing the Sims (which includes writing, learning PhotoShop, contests, magazine work etc) , I knit, make jewellery, spin, play an MMORPG, manage a family, socialise with other families, spend a lot of time learning and playing with my son and generally try to fit about 72 hours of activities into each day. Don't get me wrong, I prefer to be busy than inactive. Since my current situation prevents me from working for money, having lots of activities filling up my time, especially while the rest of the family are at work/school, is just what I need. In fact it's partly why I've gotten so involved in the forums for the Sims in the first place!

Yet a part of me wonders what will happen when I actually have to go back into the workplace, which will probably be next summer. What hobbies and interests will I still manage, and what will have to be dropped? Possibly by next summer we'll have reached the end of the Sims 3 lifespan and looking at a possible Sims 4 or similar - who knows? Would I move to Sims 4? If life stayed how it is now, then yes, but if I'm working again would I risk investing hundreds (including store purchases) into another game or would I have to say thanks, but no thanks?

I can't give up my crafts, they keep me sane, and knitting in particular has helped me make friends with locals, rather than just hanging out with the ex-pats, as I've found myself heading off to craft groups in small but very friendly yarn shops. And part of the reason I love playing the MMORPG (lord of the Rings Online) is because I get to share that hobby with my husband, who spends a lot of evenings immersed in the world of Tolkein.

Thank goodness I don't have to decide how to drop any of the things I love until next summer. In the meantime there's baskets of yarn and fibre to wade through, a new expansion in my MMO coming up at the end of the year, and of course Ms Perry's offering followed by the very nice looking Diesel Stuff Pack and at least one more EP before Christmas!

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    I have a background in copywriting and editing and a love of The Sims. I also love traditional crafts, such as spinning and knitting, and when I'm not playing The Sims, I'm often found in Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings Online.


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