So we had the Katy Perry Showtime Edition, and now we're getting Katy Perry Sweet Treats and KP sim point bundles too.  As a completionist I felt compelled to buy the KP Showtime Edition, even though I don't usually like celeb endforsements.  As an artist she pretty much passes me by, unless one of her songs ends up on Glee!  I'm currently on the fence with the upcoming stuffpack though. It's a lot of money for essentially just "stuff", and as I'm way older than the KP demographic, I don't feel the need to have KP endorsing my game. Still, the temptation to have a fun fantasy land and try out a Berry Sims world is fairly tempting, plus it would feel strange not to have it it when I have all the others (yes, guilty as charged of being materialistic and completionist).

Talking of completionist, the KP sim point bundles are really bugging me. The cost of these bundles compared to similar amounts of points on offer without the KP extras is at best optimistic on the part of EA and at worst a rip-off. Having noticed how EA are marketing Sweet Treats (specifically telling people in the live chat they they only need the base game - hence firmly targetting the tweens with less disposible income perhaps), how do they expect the same people who are KP mad to have the kind of money needed to buy 3 individual high priced sim point bundles? So far I am resisting all temptaion, having a bank of points already, in the hope that they will one day appear in the store to buy separately.

So what are your thoughts on Ms Perry's involvement in the Sims franchise?

Svend Åge Bruun
4/21/2012 05:43:56 am

Hello MissElpheba.
Your are running a cool site here and I will be back from time to time, to see if You have added new things and also to read everything. Hm, I'm not sure about Showtime. Can't run it with my computer, so I will need a new one before I can try out this EP. As I'm thinking about not installing Late Night on a new computer, there is a good chanse I will never buy Showtime, cause I think it is more of the things I'm not happy about with Late Night.
Please take a look at the thread Spring-a-Licious and share your crations there.
All the best for this site.


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